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We’ve recently discovered that Manage Flitter is no more. It’s been shut down. This means that if you were using them for your Twitter growth, you might be disappointed to hear this.

They were a great company and offered their customers features, and while they do have a few features still on offer, they’re not nearly as effective as they once were. This is why it’s always a great idea to have a couple of alternatives as replacements when things like this happen. We want you to find only the best growth services out there, and we think that Twesocial is a great alternative that could really help you.

The good news is, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one Twitter service to help with your traffic and engagement. Twesocial is the kind of company that has some pretty good existing reviews online, which is probably because we really like to sit down and get to know our customers well before we implement our features. Twesocial is one of those companies who is excellent for optimizing your engagement so that you can attract the right people to your content.

Twesocial is going to be able to help you with different things, including scheduling tweets you’ve already planned and advanced targeting. You may notice when you check them out that Twesocial has quite a few of the same features that Manage Flitter has too, except we think that Twesocial is ever so slightly better when it comes to their prices. You can get started with them from just $15.


Has ManageFlitter Been Shutdown?

Unfortunately, we are here to tell you that Manage Flitter has been limited to how they can help their customers by Twitter. Twitter thinks that it’s time they were off the market, and it’s probably due to the fact that some of their features were in violation of their guidelines.

Again, like we said they still have some features, but it’s nothing like what it was. This means that you’re now in a position where you have to find something else to work with. It’s not easy doing this – there are a lot of companies out there that may look good, but they aren’t. This is why we wanted to help so that you can find a safe alternative.

Advanced Twesocial Targeting

More reasons why to use Twesocial – We are the best way to improve your Twitter account, with intuitive marketing.


Target hashtags relevant to your audience to ensure a beneficial, relevant marketing plan.


Target other people you follow and likewise audience with advanced username targeting.


Want to target users from a specific location? Target cities, countries to drive targeted followers.


We help with your content, not only are we constantly networking for you - we can help with graphics and more!

ManageFlitter Not Working?

We think that one of the biggest contrasts between Twesocial and Manage Flitter is that Twesocial is a Twitter service – Manage Flitter just offers a group of features with a variety of different price points. With Manage Flitter, you were able to set and forget your features, which is great. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with this.

Twesocial, on the other hand, is an alternative that works with real people to help you manage your Twitter. Remember how we said that there are some really positive reviews of them out there? The best part of working with real people is that you don’t have to do too much on your end – the majority of the work is done on their end for you.

This means that as a replacement, Twesocial is meant to be a convenient alternative that frees you up to do everything else to do with your brand.

Twesocial Has Great Customer Service

We found with Twesocial that as an alternative service to Manage Flitter, they have some pretty standout qualities. One of these is their customer service, which is better than a lot of what you will find when you look elsewhere. They can help you with any issues you have outside of business hours and get back to you promptly.


Ready to Get Started?

As you can see with this review, we have looked at how Twesocial compares to Manage Flitter, a company that up until recently was able to help you with all of your Twitter growth needs. We want you to be nice and informed about these types of companies so that when it comes to choosing a viable replacement, you can be in the know. You don’t want to end up with a company that isn’t going to give you what you need to get ahead.

Don’t just take us at face value. We suggest signing up for Twesocial today and seeing for yourself why they’re such a great alternative to Manage Flitter.

Real People, Real Reviews.

Real People, Real Reviews.