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While we don’t think there’s anything wrong with using Targetgrow for your Twitter growth, we also don’t see anything wrong with having a few alternatives available as replacements in case anything happened to this Twitter growth service. In the online world, anything is possible, so we think it’s a great idea always to be prepared. We want you to have the best options out there, which is why we think that Twesocial is your best bet if you’re looking for a reasonable alternative.

We don’t think you have to stick to just one Twitter growth company to be successful. Twesocial is one of those companies that has some great reviews online and likes to get to know their customers before they jump into a partnership so they can make sure that their services suit your needs. Twesocial can easily help you grow your Twitter account so you can attract real, active followers.

We love that Twesocial can help you with things like scheduling upcoming tweets in advance. Twesocial comes with many features that are similar to Targetgrow as well as some pretty competitive price points. In fact, you can start growing your Twitter engagement from just $15 every week, which is the kind of alternative that is appealing to everybody. Let’s review them.


Has TargetGrow Been Shutdown?

Don’t panic – we’re not here to tell you that Targetgrow is no more. We still think that they are a great option when it comes to your Twitter growth. However, you may be in a situation where you’ve been with them for a while, and you’ve been thinking about how it’s a good time to try something different. When you first get back out there on the horse, it can be pretty challenging to find something that’s worth your time.

Advanced Twesocial Targeting

More reasons why to use Twesocial – We are the best way to improve your Twitter account, with intuitive marketing.


Target hashtags relevant to your audience to ensure a beneficial, relevant marketing plan.


Target other people you follow and likewise audience with advanced username targeting.


Want to target users from a specific location? Target cities, countries to drive targeted followers.


We help with your content, not only are we constantly networking for you - we can help with graphics and more!

TargetGrow Not Working?

One of the things that separate Targetgrow and Twesocial is that Twesocial is a Twitter growth service, whereas Targetgrow is just a bunch of features that they sell in different packages. This means that with Targetgrow, you can easily set the features that you like and forget about them. However, this isn’t the only way to grow your Instagram engagement, and it does come with its flaws.

Because Twesocial is a service, this means that they use real people to manage your account. Remember how we talked about them having some great reviews online? You don’t have to worry about plugging in your own features – all you’ve got to do is sit down and talk to them about how you would like your engagement to work, and they can do everything on their end.

As a replacement, Twesocial is designed to be practical, useful, and convenient for Twitter users so they can feel free to focus on other important aspects of your brand. Remember you don’t ever want to have to sign up with an alternative that’s going to take up all of your spare time, otherwise, you’ll have no time to focus on anything else.

Twesocial Has Great Customer Service

When we reviewed Twesocial, we discovered that this alternative service is excellent when it comes to customer support. The best news is that you don’t have to do any of the work on your end. They’ve spent a lot of time and money, creating a supportive customer service team what is available at all times. We think you’ll find this hard to come by with other Twitter growth companies and that this type of feature is popular and a good reflection of Twesocial as a company.

If you’re unhappy with the level of customer support with the Twitter growth service that you’re currently with, then perhaps it’s time to try a company like Twesocial.


Ready to Get Started?

In this review, we’ve taken a look at Twesocial as an alternative to brands like Targetgrow so that you don’t have to do. We think it’s important that you stay informed and keep updated on what’s out there and what’s worth your time so that you can avoid the ones that aren’t. When we recommend companies like Twesocial, you can trust that it’s a well-informed recommendation.

If you still have your doubts, you don’t have to take our word for it. In fact, we suggest that you sign up with us today so that you can see what we’re all about and why we’re such a legitimate alternative to Targetgrow.

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Real People, Real Reviews.