Twitter Statistics

Twitter Statistics

If you want to nail down the best Twitter content strategy for your profile, then you’ve got to have access to the latest information about one of the world’s most popular social media sharing apps.

Let’s take a look at what we think are some really relevant Twitter statistics right now, to get you up to speed.

  1. Twitter’s marketing audience is at 353 million

There are 353 million people that are potential leads and clients for brands on Twitter.

  1. Twitter’s user base is said to grow 4% in 2021

The pandemic has changed a lot, including predictions around how much Twitter would grow in 2021. Now, the figure is sitting at 2.4%.

Twitter’s user

  1. 90% of Americans know what Twitter is

Even if they don’t use it, 90% of Americans say that they know what Twitter is.

  1. Twitter is the 6th most popular phone app

Twitter is ranked 6th in terms of popularity when it comes to being a mobile app.

  1. Twitter is 15

Twitter is now 15, having first got its start back in 2006.

  1. Twitter is 7th for digital trust

Twitter ranks 7th out of 9 places for digital platforms that are considered trustworthy. While this might sound good, it’s not – 57% of Americans think that Twitter strongly protects their data.

  1. 7 million people who use Twitter are in America

That’s 19.4% of Twitter’s total users.

  1. Twitter grew in Germany in 2020

By 30%, interestingly. There are now 5.45 people in Germany that use Twitter.

  1. Twitter is male dominated

Twitter has more male users, than female, with 70% of Twitter users being male.

  1. 21% of adults in America use Twitter

This percentage has remained relatively consistent over the last few years.

  1. Almost half of Twitter users have a college degree

42% of people on Twitter have been to college and have a degree, and 25% haven’t been to college and don’t have a degree.

  1. Just under half Canadian adults have a Twitter profile

42% of adults in Canada have a Twitter account.

  1. 9% of Twitter users are between 25 and 34 years old

This is Twitter’s largest age demographic. The second largest is 35- to 49-year-olds.

  1. More Democrats are on Twitter than Republicans

In America, more Twitter users are democrats than they are Republicans.

  1. Almost 100% of Twitter users have other social networks

99% of people using Twitter also use Facebook and Instagram, as well as other social platforms.

  1. Twitter is number one in Japan

Twitter is considered the number one social platform in Japan.

  1. Twitter usage increased during the pandemic

By 9.6%, to be exact, and this was among American adults.

Twitter usage

  1. Twitter suspended over 900,000 accounts during first half of 2020
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Twitter has been on a warpath and suspended 925,700 profiles in the first half of 2020 alone.

  1. Only 10% of Twitter users make majority of tweets

Twitter users

10% of Twitter users produce 92% of the tweets that come out of America.

  1. 5% of American Twitter users say Twitter is their favorite platform

And the social media network that they use most often. Compare this number to 54% for Facebook.

  1. 17% of U.S. Twitter users source their news from the platform

And around the world, the number is 12%.

Twitter news source

  1. 50% of Twitter users in Canada get on the platform every day

While 23% get on it every week.

  1. Twitter Topics are followed by 70 million accounts

This is an increase of 40% from the second quarter to the third quarter of 2020.

  1. B2B marketers used Twitter for marketing at a rate of 82%

This means that 82% of B2B marketers capitalized on Twitter for organic content marketing.

  1. 27% B2B marketers invested in Twitter ads

This isn’t a lot, not when it is compared to 67% for Facebook.

  1. 19% of retail banks employ Twitter

19% of retail banks have a customer service handle on Twitter to keep on top of their customer rapport.

  1. Twitter ads reach more than 5% of the world’s population over the age of 13

5.8% to be exact. This isn’t the biggest percentage in social media marketing, but it’s still significant.

  1. Twitter’s ad revenue is increasing

In 2020, Twitter’s ad revenue was up by 15%.

  1. Ad engagement on Twitter is up by 27%

This is increasing, while Twitters cost per engagement is down 9%.

  1. Ad carousels on Twitter saw a 15% increase in popularity

On the app, this increase was 24%.

  1. The most-used hashtag of 2020 was #COVID19

As you might have already been able to guess. It was used 400 million times.

BlackLives Matter

  1. Every minute there were 7000 tweets about movies or TV in 2020

This means that people are using Twitter for escapism as much as they are using it for serious topics.

  1. 2 billion tweets were about sports in 2020

People still had plenty to talk about with sports in 2020, even though most couldn’t get out and play them.

  1. Cooking tweets increased 300% in 2020

People filled their time at home with cooking and baking, and the stats proved this on Twitter.

  1. The most popular emojis were the laughing crying face, and the crying face in 2020

There were a lot of tears to be had on Twitter, both happy and sad.

  1. Twitter video views increased 62% in 2020

Video has definitely made an impact on Twitter.

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