How to Buy Twitter Followers (Safely!)

You want to be able to get more real Twitter followers for your profile, right?

Not the ones that are just going to get in the way of you being able to do well on Twitter. It’s no secret that we all want to reach this level at some point, but it’s a whole lot easier said than done.

We’re all used to living in a world of technology where we get everything right now, so it’s no surprise that we want to be able to grow our Twitter accounts to new heights overnight. However, that kind of overnight success is usually reserved for influencers who somehow manage to go viral and get seen out there.

So, having a lot of followers on your Twitter account is great, right? Well, it’s no everything. It’s nice to have a large following on Twitter, but when it comes to the quality of those followers, this definitely comes first.

It’s much better to have a smaller number of followers where most are interacting with your tweets every day, as opposed to a huge number of followers who hardly look at your content.

With high-quality followers, you can win prospects, find valuable leads, and sell more of your brand on Twitter. This is where the health of your Twitter account comes in. You’ve got to take care of its health while simultaneously growing your following.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to gaining more followers on Twitter, so let’s talk about it.

Why Buy Twitter Followers?

Buy Twitter followers

We all want more followers on our social media platforms, don’t we? Whether you literally signed up for a social media account yesterday, or you have been around the block many times, we all want to move towards the same goal – having a large following on social media.

While your personal reason for having more followers on social media websites like Twitter might be different to the next person, if you go deep down enough, we’re all pretty much the same – we want validation and social proof. There is an ever-increasing link between social proof and leads, repeat sales, and a loyal community around your brand that shares your content for you.

The more social proof you have, the easier it will be for your brand to gain exposure and become established in the virtual world.

Think about it – when you go onto Twitter, which accounts stand out to you the most? What do your eyes go to before anything else? We think there’s a good chance that you look at their following, and then make a snap decision about whether to check them out further or not based on this.

A larger follower count on Twitter is naturally more appealing and can spark people’s curiosity, which is going to make them a whole lot more likely to click on that follower button.

One thing to think about at this juncture, though, is that having more followers doesn’t necessarily mean a good engagement rate, and a big part of this comes down to how you get them. If you get them naturally and manually, then you’re going to probably have a good engagement rate.

However, if you buy them, you probably won’t. However, if you use a growth service, you still have a chance of getting that engagement rate up.

It would be nice if you could fake it until you make it by buying Twitter followers – but other people before you have shown that this simply doesn’t work. When you buy Twitter followers, it might look good for a short period of time – but ultimately, it’s going to lead to less engagement on your content overall, and the chance of developing a bad reputation.

How Do You Buy Twitter Followers?

The thing is, you’re not going to have to go far to find a way to buy Twitter followers online. In fact, all you have to do is quickly lookup ‘buy Twitter followers’ on Google, and you’ll get thousands of results within seconds.

There are companies that can sell you Twitter followers for a few dollars, and there are companies out there that can sell you Twitter followers for hundreds of dollars.

One thing that you might notice that a lot of these companies have in common is that they seem to be able to promise a lot, especially on their homepage. They usually have a lot to say about the delivery of their goods, as well as customer support, security, and a free trial.

Almost all of them will at least attempt to look like they have positive reviews of their products – however, we highly doubt that a lot of these are real.

So, when you sign up for a company that wants to sell you Twitter followers, they will get you to share your Twitter account information, which includes things like your Twitter handle and a lot of the time your Twitter password, too. This gives them access to your account so that they can then deliver your engagement.

Some of them won’t need your password to send their engagement – but this is just as dodgy as them having your password (and potentially stealing it).

Each company will have a different delivery time of when you can expect to see the followers on your profile. Some of them will be able to help you with new followers within hours, while others will be able to get you more Twitter followers within a few days.

Almost all of them will also be able to sell you a specific amount, which means that you will know how large your following is going to get.

What Do Purchased Followers Look Like?

When you get your purchased followers, they will be within the designated time frame for the most part. Some companies even offer to speed up or slow down the delivery process so that your engagement can look nice and natural to everyone else.

While you might be content with just looking at that new follower count on your page, you’re going to want to dig a little deeper and see who is behind the accounts that are now following you. You’re not going to like what you find.

This is because they are going to be fake. In fact, you can gather this by just seeing their profile picture, if nothing else. You can also go to their bio to work out that they’re all going to be fake.

Think about it – there’s no way that companies like this can somehow, within minutes or hours, find a whole bunch of real, active Twitter users that suddenly want to follow you all at the same time. This just isn’t possible – so they’re going to be fake.

What’s worse is that some of them will be bots, and others will be inactive, so they will simply sit there, making up a number on your follower count.

How Will They Interact with Your Tweets?

At this point, you can pretty much work out how well – or badly – these ‘followers’ are going to interact with your tweets. While you might have had high hopes at the beginning, these are going to quickly come crashing down as you realize that there’s literally no point having these followers apart from them sitting on your follower count and making it look good.

There’s simply no way that fake followers that don’t exist can interact with your tweets, and have an opinion about them. The same goes for bots and inactive accounts.

Fake accounts won’t interact because they don’t exist, while inactive accounts won’t interact because the person that owns that account isn’t using it, and probably doesn’t even know that they’re now following you. This means that your engagement rate is going to look terrible.

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Your engagement rate is the difference between how many Twitter followers you have and how many likes and retweets you get on your content. If you’ve got a high number of followers but almost no interaction on your content, then people are going to become suspicious.

They’re going to wonder what all those followers are doing if they’re not interacting with your tweets.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Twitter Followers

So, whether this is what you expected or not, the reality is that buying Twitter followers is going to result in having a number on your Twitter account that might be able to fool a few novices in the beginning, but certainly not long term. In fact, those that have been around the block with Twitter and know what they’re looking for will be able to easily see that your followers are fake if you’ve bought them.

While you might not care what other people think, the reality is that these people could’ve been your potential customers, so it’s important that you do think about how other people perceive your account.

Experienced Twitter users will take a closer look at your pinned tweets, and the kind of interactions it has. They will also look at your last five tweets and see what interactions are on them if any.

They will also look at your engagement rate and interactions vs. your audience. It’s not going to look too good if you have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers, but next to no interactions on your tweets.

Your account isn’t going to get anything else positive on it apart from some more fake followers.

Your engagement isn’t going to improve in any way, and you won’t be able to give your profile the chance it needs to gain the right kind of followers that you need to create leads and develop a community around your brand. In fact, you’ll be right where you were when you first started, except now you’ll have a bunch of followers taking up precious space on your follower count that don’t do anything.

You will also be at risk of getting red-flagged, suspended, or even shut down by Twitter for having fake engagement on your profile. Twitter is always looking out for this kind of thing, and they’re pretty good at it, too.

How You Can Buy Twitter Followers the Right Way

So, how do you grow your Twitter profile the right way, then? You now know that it’s not just about that follower count – you’ve got to put quality over quantity, and make sure that the following that you have – no matter how big or small – is interacting with your content. With this in mind, we’re going to show you how you can buy real Twitter followers with a safe, secure growth strategy.

You need this kind of help because growing the right follower base for Twitter isn’t a quick overnight growth hack that can solve the problem straight away.

Unfortunately, while you might be able to fake it until you make it with other aspects of your brand, if you want to go well on Twitter, you’ve got to do things honestly and with transparency from the beginning. Every aspect of your Twitter account has to be in perfect alignment for real, active users to be interested in your content.

So, you need a legit profile, be able to come up with amazing tweets that everyone will love, engage with others consistently, promote your account, and have an awesome website that people can click through to.

However, if you’ve done all of this, you might still not have nailed the Twitter follower growth. If this is the case, you need a growth service like Twesocial.

Here at Twesocial, we believe in only using the best, most authentic targeting filters and features to make sure that your community is made up of people who are passionate about your brand and its content. Twesocial knows how to find the perfect audience for your niche so that you can leave them to grow your following, while you focus on creating more of those awesome tweets.

Twesocial can help you define your target audience based on various things. These include things like the usernames of your competitors, hashtags, and keywords within your niche, gender, language, and location.

Once you have figured out your precise growth filters, Twesocial can get to work interacting with the right people for your content, so that you can have the best people looking at your profile and, ultimately, following you. Based on these interactions, real, active users can return the favor.

Why a Free Trial is Important

When trying out a growth service like Twesocial, it’s always nice to be able to see for yourself how they work, and how they work against your Twitter profile, so that you can decide whether they’re a good fit or not. Another way that companies do this a lot of the time is to have a money-back guarantee for a couple of weeks, so there’s no love lost if you end up not liking what they offer.

One of the best ways to do it is the way that we’ve done it, which is to have our packages set up so that you can cancel anytime. This way, you can get out of using our features without losing anything.

Knowing the Difference Between Cheap and Affordable

One thing that our clients love a lot about our services is that they’re affordable – not cheap. You might be a bit confused and think that it’s better for services to be cheap.

However, we believe that in this industry, you get what you pay for, so while you might have to pay slightly more for our services here at Twesocial, we promise that the quality far surpasses that of other companies. When you find a company that’s offering super cheap rates, it’s almost always because their features are of low quality.

How to Avoid Being Shadowbanned

One of the best things about Twesocial is that you won’t get shadowbanned for using us. In fact, being shadowbanned has a lot more to do with your hashtags than it does anything else, and unless you’re with a company that’s choosing them for you, at the end of the day, this is up to you.

As long as you’re choosing hashtags that haven’t been banned either currently or historically, or they’re appropriate for both all audiences and your niche, then you should be fine. Being shadowbanned means that Twitter will limit your reach so that only existing followers will see your content.

Making Sure You Have the Right Filters

Here at Twesocial, the more we know about your niche and what you think your target audience looks like, the better we can help you. Make sure to give your personal account manager as much information as you can about your competitors, including location, gender, and language.

The more specific this information is, the better we can find the right people for your content, and the more likely they are to follow you once they’ve seen it. There are plenty of companies out there that skip this step, which isn’t going to be helpful to your growth.

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